Xander Mason

Safety Pins

How can I put myself back together when the world keeps tearing me apart? No glue. No thread and needles. No way to reverse the damage. My only option is a safety pin. Feels safe, but it’s temporary. Constantly choosing the immediate relief over ever becoming extraordinary. Resigned to Mediocrity. Collapsed in on myself. Still, […]

The Bluffs

A desolate Wasteland. “The Bluffs”. Home to the remaining few. Homey to none. I’ve grown numb to the insanity that surrounds me. Everyday people leading end of day lives. Fighting with, killing, and lying to anything that breathes, or worse, thinks. Survival is essential. Anxiety is rampant throughout our collapsing kingdom. The causation; perversion of […]


When the last number ends, and the reverb goes still, life begins again. It’s slow ticking resumes, as the hollowness sets in. This is where I meet myself again, the part of me I left offstage. The parts of me I wish to walk away from entirely, they greet me with open arms and sinister […]


I am constantly at war with myself and my surroundings. An artist is a tormented soul, but does it have to be quite this sour? If only for a moment, just so that I may breathe, I wish the world would stop spinning. As the world spins, so do my eyes, glitching backing and fourth. […]


The weight of a situation is not lost on me. Often, it’s firmly pressing down on me, forcing me to meld with the sidewalk and become one. I joke because every fleeting second destroys me if I can’t make the situation smaller than I feel I am. It takes enough energy to power a small […]


As I navigate this rocky and rugged terrain, I spend more time aimlessly wandering as opposed to running the straight and narrow. My compass points west, while my thoughts guide me in circles, keeping me lost in translation. The daunting and dark landscape is filled with oddities, foes, vexation, misfortune, gremlins, and riddles. I fear […]


With anger looming above like storm clouds, it started an infestation. It filled my lungs, made my eyes water, and dried my soul. With this intense burning sensation, at a certain point, it began to numb me. Walking an endless lane of fiery coals and stoked flames. Several components in my life have kept me […]

Opening Remarks

Greetings all, This is the beginning of the journey through the blog. I will be writing here with updates on artistic endeavors, general updates to fan my flames and keep me motived, as well as possible poems and freeform, as I write and would love to get them off of the dozens of scattered pages […]


Salutations, I’ve been hiding, waiting for the right way to introduce myself properly. It’s been almost ten years of biding my time, holding my cards for the right time. However, the right time never came and isn’t in on the horizon. I refuse to wait any longer. I can’t continue to burn my candle while […]