Xander Mason


When the last number ends, and the reverb goes still, life begins again. It’s slow ticking resumes, as the hollowness sets in. This is where I meet myself again, the part of me I left offstage. The parts of me I wish to walk away from entirely, they greet me with open arms and sinister smiles. I cherish every moment I spend distanced from them.

Made whole again, I must wait to return to the stage until it’s time. When I’ve earned it. When I’m wanted. When I’m needed.

It can be such a long stretch of road before we reach that point. You start to question yourself and your sanity periodically. I have only my Ghostlight to keep me grounded and to guide me back to the stage and back to who I truly long to be.

She is my northern star; a beacon. Point me home. Save this broken soul. Help me to distance myself from my mistakes, sinful thoughts, and harmful words. Allow me to learn from them and not be absorbed. Absolve me.