Xander Mason


With anger looming above like storm clouds, it started an infestation. It filled my lungs, made my eyes water, and dried my soul. With this intense burning sensation, at a certain point, it began to numb me. Walking an endless lane of fiery coals and stoked flames.

Several components in my life have kept me grounded, allowing me to endure the agony and providing slight relief every now and again. These miracles remind me of a just how much I can take, how far I have to go, as well as how far I’ve come, and to breathe through the pain.

Two of these miracles are angels. Truly, they are kind, wise, humble, empathetic, and are far more gracious, understanding, and unconditionally loving than I deserve. They come to me in the form of parents. Sometimes wearing water shoes… Miracles come in many forms, and are equipped for aquatic activities I suppose. They’re also equipped to deal with me; My frustration from not understanding; they validate while attempting to help me understand. My ramblings without a through line; nodding and flashing a smile that will forever be burned into the back of my brain. A negative in the film strip, creating one of the most impactful positives I will ever receive in this life.

I have you both on the mind a lot. More so since not being so close. However, you’re always a constant in my memory, my present thoughts, and my future plans. I celebrate when you do, and I ache when you ache. Right now, I feel the pain. So, I try to sort through some of this, and send all of my love, always, to you.