Brace Yourself

Xander Mason is the lead vocalist for Brace Yourself,  an American rock band from Tucson, Arizona known for its Pop-Punk sound. The band currently consists of Xander Mason, lead guitarist Jamison Scott, rhythm guitarist Aidan Roberson, bassist Aj Farrell, drummer Erik Stupka. They can be found performing all over Arizona.


Brace Yourself is the band that's been doing all the covers of BVB, in hopes to get BVB's attention. It worked! They got BVB attention and are now opening for BVB on Nov. 26 at Tucson, Arizona's Rialto Theatre.
BVB Army Hearts to Hearts
Arizona pop-punk band Brace Yourself are bringing easycore back to life with their debut EP ‘Last July’...

The band blend punk influences such as softcore guitar work, Xander Mason’s poppy vocals and drummer Braden Matsuzawa's Travis Barker-esque tendencies on the popular track 'Redemption.'
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