Xander Mason

Opening Remarks

Greetings all,

This is the beginning of the journey through the blog. I will be writing here with updates on artistic endeavors, general updates to fan my flames and keep me motived, as well as possible poems and freeform, as I write and would love to get them off of the dozens of scattered pages swirling around my room.

I’ve been working on developing a couple melodies of mine into songs. Full works. It’s been a goal to create music of mine and get it out for a while. I need to see some more tangible benchmarks of where I am at, where I wanna get to, and how far I’ve come. I need to not let fear and perfectionism ruin my life. I need to accept where I’m at, in the moment, and, if you encounter it, embrace the mediocrity.

This first song I’ve been developing has been tough. I’ve written parts of songs before, and one or two originals on my own. However, the originals were only written for basic chords on piano or guitar. In this venture to put myself on the map (or at least on the board), I am looking to do things closer to fully produced works. Yet, my biggest obstacle thus far is attempting to write a new melody after ones carved into your skull. It’s enough to drive you mad.

So, back to the studio I go, to curl over a keyboard, losing my grip on reality while I listen to the same 2 bars over and over and over… I’ll return with updates, but for now, I leave you with this poem:


Dealing with this hand

Isn’t all its cracked up to be

Lost my face cards early

The jesters mock and belittle me

If I’m not a cut above the rest

My thoughts convince me that I’m dirt

That the world deserves my best

But I can’t seem to muster up

A good day, just rain. 

I thought I was better 

I thought I was clean

Showered in obsessive thoughts 

Drenched in gasoline 

My secrets are dirty

The worlds left me hurt and scared

I kept the scars to be better

But what if this is all that I am?