Xander Mason


As I navigate this rocky and rugged terrain, I spend more time aimlessly wandering as opposed to running the straight and narrow. My compass points west, while my thoughts guide me in circles, keeping me lost in translation. The daunting and dark landscape is filled with oddities, foes, vexation, misfortune, gremlins, and riddles. I fear for my safety, sanity, and sense of purpose.

How does one become whole when they feel like a puzzle piece in the wrong box?

Sincerity is a rarity, and connection is commerce. Standing at the center of a vortex and seeing no way out without being thrown around til the tornado gets bored and drops my ass.

An Alien among human beings. A fly in the ointment. The last of the sincerely mediocre. I work everyday to learn to blend in and breathe among the crowds. I’ll bide my time til I can find my place.

Or maybe I’ll create my own…